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Child protection training

Tutors globally can now be qualified by an industry-based child protection certification endorsed by the GPTA. This is an important step in raising standards and in providing parents and students with confidence when choosing a tutor.

To become qualified GPTA members must complete the GPTA Child Protection Trained course which is provided FREE for all members.

Promote yourself

Qualified members will be promoted in search results on the Find a Tutor directory.

Improve standards

Join other tutors in improving the standard of tutoring globally.

Get recognition

Get the recognition you deserve with training that has been widely reviewed and endorsed.

Why qualification?

GPTA CEO Mohan Dhall identified three aspects to responsible self-regulation:

The GPTA Board recognised some years ago that the industry needed a form of qualification to add to complete the essential aspects of self-regulation. The model aims to help raise global standards and to vest confidence in the industry. It is very important that parents and their children be given more information so that they can make informed choices. Parents who take on a tutor for their child are advised to only use GPTA members and to hold ALL tutors accountable to the GPTA Code of Ethics

Completing Your Qualification

All GPTA members are expected to complete the GPTA Child Protection training. When members join their ‘GPTA Child Protection Trained’ status will have a red cross.

How do I change my “GPTA Child Protection Trained” status?

After successfully completing the GPTA Child Protection module your ‘GPTA Child Protection Trained’ status will be updated with a green tick.

Preferential Searching

Our search function has been designed to preference and prioritise members who have completed their GPTA Child Protection Training over those who have not completed the training. Accordingly, qualified members appear first in searches and pending members appear lower down.

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