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Membership with the GPTA carries a certain responsibility.

Membership means strict adherence to the GPTA Code of Ethics. The Code serves both as a guide to members, as well as protecting them. Upholding the Code of Ethics should ensure that there is consistency and predictability for the practitioners and their clients.

The GPTA accredits members for recognition and benchmarking of minimum standards of tutoring globally. If you qualify for membership, share the same values and ethics and would like to join the GPTA, please sign-up online on one of the categories below.

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The benefits of membership

PromotionBeing listed on the GPTA website to allow clients within your nation to search for you. Members are also able to use the GPTA logo on their website and collateral to promote their status as ethical tutors.
RegulationLobbying national governments to opt for a self-regulation model as the preferred market-based mechanism for encouraging ethical practice in tutoring.
NewsA quarterly e-newsletter (In-Tuition Global).
EducationWith our accreditation partners, the GPTA offers courses to help members improve operations and the quality of their practice.
Media and PRVarious media opportunities for members when the GPTA is approached for comment.
Dispute resolution Investigation into the unscrupulous practices of non-members and complaints made by the GPTA to relevant regulatory bodies where appropriate.
Professional networkJoining a network of like-minded professionals who aspire to accountable and responsible practices in education. Webinars, and other professional networking opportunities will be available from time to time.
ResearchThe opportunity to be involved in research to better understand the development, growth, benefits and value to mainstream education.

GPTA Code of Ethics

Membership means strict adherence to the GPTA Code of Ethics. The Code serves both as a guide to members, as well as protecting them. Upholding the GPTA Code of Ethics should ensure that there is consistency and predictability for the practitioners and their clients.

In the event of a GPTA member not following the GPTA Code of Ethics then an investigation may follow, which could lead to suspension and/or expulsion.

Child protection training

GPTA membership includes FREE Child Protection Training.

From an industry perspective, the GPTA is proud to encourage qualification to benchmark best-practice around the world. Qualified GPTA members represent the highest standards of tutoring globally.

Membership renewals

We will notify you via email when your membership is due for renewal. For your convenience, you will have the option to choose automatic renewal for your membership when you sign up.   


Why should I join the GPTA?

Joining the GPTA as a registered business, individual teacher or individual tutor provides many benefits. These include access to best practice, research and trends, online promotion, exclusive financial benefits, a network of like-minded individuals and the status of being affiliated with the GPTA.

Will I get student referrals?

Yes – both directly from clients coming to the website and also through the office staff who can guide phone inquiries to businesses interested in getting referrals.

Can I obtain business advice?

Whilst the GPTA Office cannot give legal advice, research can be done for newsletter articles, and general inquiries answered in regards to tutoring matters ranging from curriculum support, employment questions, and other tutoring-centred inquiries.

You may also receive general business advice through our quarterly newsletter that is delivered in both hard copy and electronic form. Members are welcome to contribute articles and also advertise in the newsletter. The newsletter can be on display in waiting rooms for parents and is full of local tutoring news, trends, tips and issues, as well as international news, trends and developments.

Issues raised in this newsletter can be very helpful to businesses in dealing with issues that arise from time to time.

What if I own more than one site?

Members can get multiple listings. For businesses managed by one owner then each additional listing is paid for at a nominal rate annually. For business that are franchised so that different sites are independent operated and/or managed they need to get their own membership for listing.

How can students and parents find me on your website?

Students, parents and other prospective clients can find you via the “Find a Tutor” section in our website. The search function is designed to assist member businesses at two levels. Firstly, members are listed so that prospective clients can find out if you are a member and if your membership is current. Secondly, if prospective clients want to they can also find you through a search based on subjects you teach. In this way if a client is looking for French language specialist, for example, they do not need to search through all 500+ members.

How does the complaints procedure work?

This is detailed in the GPTA Code of Ethics and it specifies how complaints should be handled. We believe in responsible self-regulation and accordingly client/parent complaints are taken seriously.

We will listen to the client version of events and if required ask them to make their complaint in writing on the GPTA Complaints Form. We will then listen to the business and get their version of events. In most cases there has been an escalation of a simple misunderstanding that can be readily resolved.

Sometimes complaints are more serious and where we need to advocate for members we will, and equally we will advocate for consumers if a member is found to be upholding the GPTA Code of Ethics.

We expect that in the spirit of the Code members will resolve complaints amicably and with goodwill. The GPTA reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member found in breach of the GPTA Code and to advise our corporate partners of any change in membership status.

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