Welcome to the Global Professional Tutors Association (GPTA)

Founded in Australia as a non-for-profit company limited by guarantee, we are the global peak body for educational tutors who ascribe to professional standards of conduct. The continued and sustained growth of private tutoring around the world has led to the founding of the Global Professional Tutors Association (GPTA). The GPTA has been formed in recognition of the need for responsible self-regulation internationally for an industry that is growing rapidly. As national governments become increasingly aware of the phenomenon of private tutoring there have been important questions asked of the industry. Such questions include:

• Whether the private tutoring market should be the subject of direct regulation by national governments
• How the industry proposes to deal with combined commercial and educational overlay arising from the formalisation and growth of private tutoring
• How parents and students can be subject to appropriate best practice standards and accountability
• What support there is for educational systems that are not represented by national associations for private tutors
• How the private tutoring market affects and is affected by the mainstream educational sector and what a concerted dialogue and mutual recognition would entail

Founding members of the GPTA are Storm McGrath the CEO of Kip McGrath Education Centres (KMEC) and Mohan Dhall (CEO of the Australian Tutoring Association, ATA and co-founder of Mohannah Education). Storm McGrath and Mohan Dhall have been initiators in benchmarking accountability in the private tutoring sector, being two of three founding members of the ATA.

The formation of the GPTA provides a framework for the bringing together of national associations from Australia, Greece, Germany, the UK, the USA, Cyprus and Turkey. Founder, Mohan Dhall from the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) said, “This is a major step forward for the industry globally. The $100bn industry has had no avenue for articulating, unifying or creating appropriate internationally recognised standards for private tutors. Further, the lack of a peak body has meant that national governments are inconsistent with their approach to the industry.”

There are national associations currently also in New Zealand and nascent organisations in USA, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Each of these will be expected to join the GPTA and adhere to the GPTA Code of Ethics.

The GPTA has been structured so as to allow for members to join in nations where there are no representative peak bodies. This should bring choice to parents, commercial accountability and should demonstrate that responsible self-regulation within the industry is the preferred model for governments to adopt.

Mohan Dhall

Mohan Dhall

CEO & Public Officer

Croydon, NSW. Mohan Dhall runs the Extension Centre in Croydon, Sydney and is co-director of Mohannah Education - an educational publishing company. He founded both the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA) and also the Global Professional Tutors Association (GPTA). Mohan teaches in high school, trains teachers at university and is CEO of the ATA. He also writes books on Legal Studies, Business Studies, Economics and Commerce.

Storm McGrath

Storm McGrath

Board Member

Kip McGrath Education Centres - Newcastle, NSW. Storm McGrath is the CEO of Kip McGrath Education Centres Limited. He oversees the operations of Kip McGrath and its subsidiaries both nationally and internationally. Currently there are over 550 franchisees globally and 50,000 students being taught weekly. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the group and the integration of technology and systems in the company.